Response #44: Saying Goodbye

I was pleasantly surprised that I loved this course as much as I did. I have only even taken classes on campus at AUM so the hybrid class was new to me. I really enjoyed being able to take things at my own pace. Sometimes with a routine class meeting  it’s easy to fall behind in the readings and not be able to participate in class discussions, but this class allowed me to read the books at my own pace and still be able to interact and talk about the reading with my classmates.

This class really opened my eyes to a lot of different methods of learning. I loved that we were encouraged to watch different TV shows and movies to compare with the books we read. This class really felt more like a book club than a college course and I loved that.

As an aspiring writer, I loved the chance to use a blog as the medium through which we expressed our thoughts on the readings. It was a great alternative to writing papers, which can be dull and too formal. The blog allowed us to show our creative sides and have freedom over our writing style. I was really able to learn so much from other students as well. The Facebook groups while at times overwhelming was ultimately such a huge component for learning in the class. Everyone was so active in posting and so open to share their true thoughts and feelings on the stories, which is something that not everyone would have been comfortable doing in a regular class setting.

I would definitely take a hybrid class again. though I’m not sure I will enjoy it as much as this one. The bar has been set very high by Dr. Woodworth.


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