Response #39: Agatha Christie


Agatha Christie is only the second author we read this semester who I had any previous knowledge of as a writer (the first being Arthur Conan Doyle), but I had never read any of her works. I chose to read And Then There Were None simply because the cover of the book lured me in more so than the cover of The Mysterious Affair At Styles, but judging by my love of the former, I’m sure the latter will end up on my reading list sometime in the near future.

I was really surprised by how fast I read the book. I could not put it down. The way it was written and how the story centered around the events of a poem really fascinated me and kept me wanting to read. I really appreciate an author who can hold my attention for the entire book. Christie is very different from the other detective writers we have read this semester. She adds her own flair to the genre and creates a more interactive way of reading the story. In And Then There Were None, there is no detective who swoops in and solves the mystery. Instead, all of the characters take on the role of detective to figure out why people in their group keep gradually dying in the same fashion listed in a poem posted around the house they are staying in.

In the epilogue, the murder reveals their identity and the way in which they carried out their master plan of slowly killing off everyone in the group including their own self.

I spent the entire novel shifting suspicions between the characters. I could never figure out who it was and in the end, I was pleasantly surprised. The murder ends up being the first character introduced in the story. I want to read the novel again just to see if I can see any hints or slips with the murderer. I feel like novel would make a great basis for a murder mystery party.


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