Response #14

Honestly, I tried so hard to keep up with Holmes while reading, but it was so hard. When I thought I had something figured out, I would be immediately proved wrong by Holmes’ impressive deductive reasoning. I really want to master deductive reasoning because that would be such a cool party trick. Right? But I would probably only be able to get as far as Dr. Watson with the deductions upon meeting a person. I don’t know how Holmes does it! I liked the short stories because they were quick and easy read. It was interesting to see Holmes outwitted by a woman in “A Scandal In Bohemia.” I never saw that coming! You go girl!

I haven’t been able to predict an outcome yet. I can figure out bits and pieces like Watson, but I can’t seem to put together how they all relate to each other. Sir Conan Doyle is one heck of a detective writer! The most interesting part of the stories and the thing I looked forward to the most was watching Holmes reveal to Watson and the reader how he came to his conclusion. It’s brilliant and fascinating. I am frustrated that often in the short stories there is a gap where Holmes goes missing and then all of a sudden he returns with a grand plan to solve the mystery. He already knows everything about the mystery, but the reader and Watson are left in the dark until the very end of the story when Holmes unloads all of his reasoning at once. All in all, I am sure that I will read more of the Holmes short stories in the future because of the pure entertainment I find in reading them.



One thought on “Response #14

  1. “Sir Conan Doyle is one heck of a detective writer!”

    I agree! I mentioned before how I wondered if he had any help writing Sherlock Holmes’s stories, sort of like how some critics say Mary Shelley’s husband helped her write Frankenstein.

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