Response #9: Andrew Garfield as Franklin Blake

Andrew Garfield, looking serious, in a suit

As I read The Moonstone, I wondered to myself what it was about Franklin Blake that made him so desirable to the young women in the book. After going back and reading his description, I could not help but picture him as Andrew Garfield. I love to come up with my ideal movie cast while reading books. It keeps things interesting and helps me picture the characters as actual people. Apart from being handsome and British, the two do not share very many qualities. This image first came to mind when Rosanna Spearman first saw Blake for the first time. She was taken aback and shocked by his appearance as soon as she saw him. I would have had the same reaction she did if he looked anything like Andrew Garfield (which in my head he does).


I found this picture online and thought it represented Sergeant Cuff well. I loved that Cuff had something, aside from his job, that he was passionate about. I think it gave him more depth as a character and allowed readers to see a different side of his personality. I have no clue who the man in this photo is, but he looks like he is having the time of his life among the flowers. This is exactly how I picture Cuff when in the presence of roses. Throughout the book, Cuff used roses and his time in the garden as an escape from the craziness of the moonstone and the drama circulating through Lady Verinder’s house. I am glad that he had something to turn to when he wasn’t focused on his job much like Gabriel Betteredge and his love for Robinson Crusoe. After talking about the dedication detectives have to their work in class, I was happy to see a detective character find happiness and solace in something other than his job.


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