Response 4: A Eureka Moment



Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone was a serialized novel published in Charles Dickens’ magazine, All The Year Round, in 1868. It’s interesting to read a book that was serialized in whole because you get to see where the author left the original readers to wait in anticipation for the next installment. I always thought serialized publication was such an interesting and exciting thing for readers back in the day. I wondered why books couldn’t be published in the same way today. Then, I realized that it actually does still exist today to a certain extent. Instead of receiving one novel in several parts though, we often enjoy serialized publication in the form of book series. We read the first book in a series and wait anxiously for the second to be published, or if it has already been released, we rush to the store to buy the next installment of our new favorite story. In the same way, this happens with television. If you’ve ever watched a weekly TV show, you know that you don’t get to watch the entire series in one night (though Netflix has made it easier for this to happen). The story being told in the show is stretched out over months and years at a time. The end of a season of the show leaves viewers with a huge cliffhanger like the serialized books left readers. Television shows like Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries are even based off of popular book series. Movies work in the same way. There is rarely a movie produced these days that is not followed up by a sequel. Most movies these days are also based off of books and book series (Thank goodness for writers! Am I right?). I’m glad to know that this type of storytelling is still happening today. It’s just been altered to fit the technology.


One thought on “Response 4: A Eureka Moment

  1. I enjoyed thinking about this as a weekly publication as well. I was just surprised that it was such a hit after having no real suspense in the beginning chapters (purely my opinion.) I enjoy today’s serial novels much more. It’s not exactly the case that keeps us in suspense as it is the lead of a new problem or crime that will come next. It’s usually a strong bond with the detective that keeps my interest in a series. I don’t watch much TV, but I presume it is very similar for a television series.

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